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Gary's Fishing Excursions:

FishingOur comfortable, safe, dependable fully equipped boats have bait, tackle and ice. Our captain and deckhand will fillet your fish. *Enjoy complimentary soft drinks and the world's best fish tacos on board . We have 4 hour party boat fishing and hourly charters for trolling fishing every day. (See the Seasonal Fishing Chart). Departures at 8:00 a.m.
Bottom Fishing: A great value for only $70.97 per person.
Trolling Charters: A great value for only $139 / boat hour.

Gary's Seal Island Trips:

Snorkeling with the Sea Lions
Our comfortable, safe, dependable boats take you to discover snorkeling with our hundreds of friendly sea lions. We observe a wide variety of fish, mammals and birds, on our cruise to the famous Seal Island. *Enjoy complimentary soft drinks and the world's best fish tacos on board. (10 persons minimum). Departures at 8:00 a.m. A great value for only $90.97, including snorkeling equipment.

Seal Island Nature Tour - $86.97

Gary's Aquarium Cove Snorkeling Trip:

We take you to discover nearby Aquarium Cove to explore, snorkel or just relax. *Enjoy complimentary softdrinks. Departures at 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. returning after 3 hours. A great value for only $70.97, including snorkeling gear.

Gary's Combo Trip:

FishingOur most popular trip - it includes the "whole enchilada". Combination fishing and snorkeling trip. Includes all fishing and snorkeling gear. Enjoy complimentary soft drinks and the world's best fish tacos on board. Departures at 8:00 a.m. for a 5 hour trip. A great value for only $90.97.

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Gary's Bay Cruise or Sunset Cruise:
Margarita Sunset Cruise

Enjoy complimentary Margaritas, soft drinks and snacks, while listening to Mexican Mariachi music on the stereo during this relaxing scenic cruise on the beautiful Sea of Cortez. Bay Cruise goes from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Sunset Cruise departs 1 hours before Sunset. A great value for only $50.97 or $30.00 (1 hour).

Gary's Nature Tour:

Fully Narrated Boat Excursion
  • Two hour, fully narrated excursion by boat to learn about the discovery of the Sea Of Cortez and how it was formed.
  • Geological Features such as fault lines, rock formations, volcanoes, and more.
  • Bird Sanctuaries some of the species include the Blue Footed Booby Birds, Yellow Footed Gulls and Great Blue Herons.
  • Dolphins, Sea Lions and Whales, Oh, my!
Experience the thrill of viewing wildlife’s natural habitat found in the Sea of Cortez, where the desert meets the sea. Your tour guide will point out the rich biodiversity of ocean mammals, sea birds, desert flora and geological features. Enjoy fantastic coastal views of caves, bays and sanctuaries that can that can only be seen by boat. Onboard our comfortable boats are binoculars and identification charts. For your refreshment we have complimentary purified drinking water, ice, coffee and soft drinks. Our Nature Tour is a 2 hour educational adventure and is a great value for only $60.97.

Trips are from 8 AM to 10 AM

General Information that applies to all trips: Cancellation refund policy: 00% - day of trip, 50% - 24 hrs. before trip, 100% - 48 hours before trip. *Reservations are NOT confirmed without 50% deposit. All boat rentals and trips include 16% IVA tax.

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