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Planning a Driving Trip to San Carlos Mexico?

Are you a bit nervous about driving to Mexico? Not sure what paper work you need? You can’t read the road signs because they’re in Spanish? You looked on the Internet and have been overloaded with information but cannot find exactly what you are looking for? Well, let us help you, just click on the links below.

Gary and Donna's Pictorial Driving Guide to San Carlos, Mexico
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New “Only Sonora” vehicle checkpoint location makes it easier to visit Sonora.

Area Surrounding San Carlos

The Sea of Cortez (also called the Gulf of California) is a unique ocean environment formed millions of years ago when Baja California slid westward due to geological activity in the San Andreas fault. The clear, mild waters of the sea are influenced by the warm tropical eastern Pacific, and attracts many tropical marine species. We have over 800 species of fish, and over 400 species of shell, as well as several species of animals found in this unique area that occur nowhere else in the world. The Sea of Cortez is a dynamic body of water whose beaches are continually washed by the gentle waves.

The wind, and waves have carved caverns in the sides of sea cliffs, providing refuge for sea birds, and other animals. Whether you like fishing, diving, snorkeling, or observing, the Sea of Cortez holds an adventure for you. We provide you with the equipment, knowledgeable staff, and reliable vessels to help you experience that adventure. Dolphins

If you're driving, it is only about four hours on our very good four lane "interstate" style highway      from Nogales, at the border. Connections from the US are interstate I10 and I19 through Phoenix or Tucson.

Island When you combine the extensive marine life with the superior diving conditions in the summer,  as well as the sea lion colony and fish life at Seal Island, I'm sure you'll agree with me that San Carlos is one of the top diving destinations in the world in the summer, and offers a pleasant alternative to the Caribbean.

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